Our Services

Taycare provides orthotic services and products to NHS trusts throughout the UK as well as private patients. Our highly skilled orthotists carry out expert clinical assessments to establish what the problem is and what solutions would best meet the patient’s unique needs.

In many cases, our orthotists will prescribe an orthotic device to correct the issue, relieve any symptoms and improve mobility. However, an orthotic prescription may not always be the best solution for individual patients. Our team work in partnership with other medical professionals where necessary to ensure patients receive the care and treatment which will best meet their needs.

How we get results

If you are supplied with an orthotic device, a member of our clinical team will explain exactly how it should be used to get the best results. We will then monitor your progress and carry out regular reviews, making adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary.

At Taycare Medical, we pride ourselves on offering a personal approach to orthotics. We listen carefully to all our patients to find out what they want to achieve and how any potential solutions will fit in with their lifestyle.


•      Paediatrics
•      Diabetes
•      Learning difficulties
•     Spinal injuries

•       Sports injuries
•       Rheumatoid arthritis
•       Podiatry
•       General Care

All our orthotists are fully qualified state registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). While every member of our clinical team is an expert in all aspects of orthotics, some are specialists in specific areas.