TayCare Medical has been supplying specialist orthotic products and services to the NHS and private sector for more than 90 years

Expert clinicians

Our team of highly skilled orthotic clinicians assess the individual needs of patients before recommending an effective solution


Our premium quality orthotic devices are custom-made to meet the unique needs of our patients and make a real difference to our clients

New Technology

Although TayCare has been in business since 1925, we constantly embrace new technology to deliver the best possible service at the best price


TayCare Medical Ltd is a leading supplier of orthotic products and services in the UK.

Established in 1925 the company has grown dramatically over the years. We embrace these changes to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the market and that as a business we are sustainable. We are an independent family-run business which supplies orthotic products and services to both the NHS and the private sector. The devices we make can relieve painful symptoms, help prevent the progression of disabling conditions and improve the quality of life for our patients.

Our expert team of orthotists attend clinics throughout the UK, assessing the needs of individuals with a range of medical conditions, including diabetes, neuromuscular conditions, sports injuries, spinal injuries, arthritis and cerebral palsy. During an assessment they will analyse a person’s movement and walking pattern and discuss their needs in detail. Our clinicians will then recommend an individual treatment plan, which may include an orthotic device. Many of these products are completely made to measure at our factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We have a skilled team of technical staff based in our manufacturing facility in Leeds who between them hold a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We recognise and understand that each person we see is unique so at the heart of what we do is the patient. We want to ensure that we are manufacturing an orthosis which will provide a solution to alleviate their pain and assist with their mobility.

TayCare Medical has been helping meet the needs of patients and customers for over 90 years Although our company has grown and developed over the years, our passion remains the same – to provide a quality and cost effective complete orthotic solution to our customers and patients.

We constantly measure our performance in terms of quality, delivery and value.

Our mission for the future is that of continual growth. We want to ensure that new technology and investment brings with it benefits for our customers, patients and staff.


We manufacture both made-to-measure and stock footwear to address a range of complex problems, improve mobility and provide comfort.

Adaptions to footwear

Our service includes the adaption your existing footwear. A typical adaption to footwear may be a raise. When a patients leg is shorter than another then footwear is adapted with a raise to accommodate for this discrepancy.

Orthotic inlays

Our bespoke orthotic insoles will fit snugly inside your normal footwear to provide you with the comfort and support you need.


We offer a repair service for all orthotics. Most commonly we repair footwear, but in addition we can also provide repairs for the majority of custom made orthoses.


TayCare manufactures both plastic and metal orthoses – devices which control instabilities in limbs and offer external support.

Fabric supports

We supply a wide variety of effective fabric supports including slings, collars, braces, stockings and knee immobilisers.


•      Paediatrics
•      Diabetes
•      Learning difficulties
•     Spinal injuries

•       Sports injuries
•       Rheumatoid arthritis
•       Podiatry
•       General Care

All our orthotists are fully qualified state registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). While every member of our clinical team is an expert in all aspects of orthotics, some are specialists in specific areas.


TayCare Medical manufactures and supplies a wide range of orthotic products to address a number of issues. We use the very latest technology to create items which are effective, comfortable and visually unobtrusive.

AFO (ankle foot orthosis)
TCI (total contact insole)

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