TayCare Medical manufactures and supplies a wide range of orthotic products to address a number of issues. We use the very latest technology to create items which are effective, comfortable and visually unobtrusive.

Our main aim is to produce items that are durable, high quality and produce tangible results. Although our priority is to create something which will make a difference to the lives of our customers, we also appreciate they have to be something they feel happy wearing as well. Wherever possible we try and offer as much choice as possible when it comes to style, colour and material.


Many of our products are completely unique as they are specially created to meet the exact needs of the person it is being made for. Our orthotists use a variety of techniques to take accurate measurements so the devices we make are a perfect fit for our patients.

Our orthotic insoles are made using the very latest CAD CAM technology which combines IT with cutting edge milling machines. Using computer technology allows us to make more accurate insoles in an efficient, cost-effective and timely way. Every inlay we manufacture in this way is stored on our system making it quick and simple for us to fulfil repeat orders for our customers.

In addition to our custom made products, we produce a range of off-the-shelf orthotic devices designed to treat common problems.