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TayCare Medical Services - a personal orthotic service


TayCare run and supply a number of Trusts within the National Health Service (NHS) with the provision of both orthotic services and orthotic goods. In addition we also supply private patients.

We have an experienced team of Orthotists and Technicians who are committed to providing the highest level of service and products to our patients and customers.

TayCare ensures a complete dedicated and professional Orthotic Service to our patients and the Trusts. Through correct clinical assessment and provision of an appropriate orthoses, our aim is to improve the quality of life for our patients and prevent the development of a more disabling condition. After a full clinical assessment and if necessary liaising with other members of the multi disciplinary team, a decision will then be made as to the most appropriate pathway of care for the continuing needs of the patient. This may not always involve an Orthotic prescription. The aim of an orthotic prescription is to reduce pain and to enable you to be as mobile as you can be. Once supplied with an orthoses you can get back to leading a pain free lifestyle and enjoy doing the things you like. A member of our Clinical Team will regularly review your condition to monitor your progress.

TayCare Medical - Skiing TayCare Medical - Horse TayCare Medical - Couple Walking TayCare Medical - Power Walking TayCare Medical - Cycling

We know that this can be a sensitive area and will ensure that we are respectful of this at all times. We can offer a wide range of materials and styles to achieve an orthoses that every patient is happy with. We work with all age groups and are confident that we can offer an orthoses that will meet every individuals needs and aim to make the orthoses as cosmetically suitable as possible.

The service is provided by a team of fully qualified Orthotists. All of whom are members of the British Association of Prosthetics and Orthotists (BAPO) and are registered with the Health Professionals Councils (HPC).

Whilst all our Orthotists are qualified to cover all aspects of Orthotics, they also possess various essential levels of expertise in specific areas, these are:

  • Paediatrics
  • Diabetics
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Podiatry

By working in partnership with the NHS, we can build a lasting and honest relationship to:

TayCare Medical - Smile
  • Ensure patients receive a personal orthotic service
  • Agree protocols
  • Provide a clinically effective service
  • Provide a value for money service
  • Budget effectively
  • Raise the profile of orthotics
  • Provide supportive information relating to the performance of the department

TayCare Medical Ltd provide an orthotic service that will...

Exceed the patients needs:

  • by providing a quality and professional service through the dedicated Orthotist. The needs of the patient will be put at the centre of the care process. TayCare Medical Ltd will provide a service where patients will receive fair access to consistently high quality orthoses and a prompt and excellent service, which exceeds the patients needs.

Satisfy the members of the multi-disciplinary team:

  • by providing professional input into the team as to the recommendation of the appropriate orthosis and documenting the results in the patients clinical record.

Enable the company to work in partnership with the Trust:

  • by providing a clinically effective service and maintaining the communication link throughout the process, the Trust and company can work together to form a stable and dependable service.
Areas TayCare Cover
United Kingdom Map - TayCare Medical
Blue = Service and Manufacturing of Orthosis
Red = Manufacturing of Orthosis Only

TayCare work with a number of trusts and those areas we cover are indicated on the map. The Blue pin points illustrate those areas where we provide a complete Orthotic Service and the Red pins illustrate where we provide Service only.

A Complete Orthotic Service means that TayCare supply the Orthotist and the Orthoses.

A Service only contract means that TayCare provide the Orthoses only. The Orthotist is provided by another company.

The decision whether to provide a complete orthotic service or a service only is decided by the individual trusts.

The Trusts we work with are indicated on the map.

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Providing a skilled and dedicated orthotic service since 1925
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