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About Us - a personal orthotic service


We are a family lead company who have been successful in the field of orthotic services for over 85 years. It was the tragic events of the First World War that saw the birth of the business and prompted developments in medical science. Some people might be familiar with the story of Douglas Bader, who lost both legs in a plane crash in the 1930’s. He served nobly in the Second World War as a pilot with two false legs, surviving being shot down by the Luftwaffe. Without companies such as TayCare, he would have lived the rest of his life immobile.

TayCare Medical- Technology
Cyril Taylor outside the company’s original offices

The company was founded in 1925 by Ernest Taylor and Arthur Higgins, who were both prosthetic technicians in their own right when they joined forces in Portland Square. Commissioned to make artificial legs on behalf of the Ministry of Pensions, they stayed at these premises until the late 1920’s. Arthur Higgins was the technician who made the limbs and Ernest Taylor worked the leather and handled the fittings.

When the business began, raw materials such as wood and aluminum were commonly used for artificial limbs. Now there is a wide range of materials available. The most commonly used include leather, carbon fibre, thermoplastic, microcellular eva, foam and neoprene.

Arthur Higgins died quite early in the development of the business and it is the Taylor involvement that has continued moving forward with the company and is now run by the fourth generation of Taylor’s. In the 1940’s it was Cyril Taylor, Ernest’s son who became involved. He developed through the company and became Managing Director and, after Cyril’s death in 1984 his wife Mary assumed the role of Managing Director.

In 1970 Cyril’s son Philip Taylor joined the ranks of the company, firstly training as a leatherwork technician just as his grandfather had done, then he trained as an Orthotist where today as the Clinical Director of the company he assumes the overall day to day running and strategic planning of the company. Philip remains an Orthotist alongside his role as Clinical Director and most of his working week in spent in the hospital clinics.

The company was originally named Taylor & Higgins until 2004 when we renamed the company TayCare Medical. As the Higgins connection was no longer associated with the company we looked at creating a fresh new name.

TayCare Medical - Meeting

The fourth generation of the Taylor family is completed with Philip’s son Ben who joined the company in 2000 and is now Commercial Manager. Ben’s role takes control of the business development aspect of the company and also looks after the IT requirements for the business. More recently Philip’s daughter Laura followed in the family footsteps and joined the company as Commercial Development Assistant. Together Ben and Laura work in ensuring the business continues to be successful and work tirelessly to ensure that the company moves forward with the ever changing and competitive orthotic market.

Customer satisfaction is high on the agenda for both our Orthotists and Technicians who place commitment and dedication high amongst their ideals. We understand that the field of orthotics can be a sensitive area and this is acknowledged by the team of 14 Orthotists who have a wealth of experience and knowledge and will always provide a dedicated orthotic service and work to ensure the patients are happy with the service and orthoses they are provided with.

NEM Orthotics

In 2003 an opportunity arose for TayCare to acquire another orthotic service supplier. The demand for the orthotic market has drastically risen over the years and in order to ensure we can meet these demands we acquired NEM Orthotics. This acquisition was made as seamless as possible for all parties concerned.

Where are we based?

We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

TayCare Medical Boardroom

Our factory in Leeds boasts:

  • A full manufacturing facility
    We manufacture all our products onsite using the latest technology and materials
  • Consultation room
    We have a consultation room provided on site in Leeds which is used by both our private and NHS patients. Car parking available.
  • Training/Seminar room
    We have a large training/seminar room which we regularly use for both in-house and external training/seminars. We can offer the use of our facilities which include laptops and projectors.
TayCare Medical Boardroom


All the manufacturing is undertaken on site here in Leeds. The manufacturing facility is divided into 4 main departments:

Footwear Department:

  • Manufacturing custom made footwear.
  • Adapting and repairing custom made / stock footwear.
  • Manufacturing orthotic inlays.

Plastic Department:

TayCare Medical Boardroom
  • Manufacturing and repairing lower limb orthoses.
  • Manufacturing and repairing spinal orthoses.
  • Manufacturing orthotic inlays.

Fabric Department:

  • Manufacturing spinal orthoses (abdominal fabric supports).
  • Repairing spinal orthoses (abdominal fabric supports).
  • Manufacturing fabric supports (gaiters, arm slings, soft collars etc).

Finishing Department:

  • Manufacturing and repairing orthoses for the head and neck.
  • Manufacturing common extras and repairing K.A.F.O.’s, spinal supports etc.
  • Building and repairing Salford standing frames.
  • Finishing and repairing lower limb orthoses.


The technical team is constantly updating their knowledge and skills in various ways. We encourage in-house training, providing an opportunity for the technicians to exchange working methods and develop new skills. As well as sharing methods and views internally, we have established links with customers we currently provide services to. This involves the customers working with our Technical Team in Leeds, together they learn, developed and implemented new working practices. Our technical team is constantly exploring new ways of working and improvements that can be incorporated into our Orthotic products.


TayCare Medical - Technology

TayCare have recently invested in the CAD CAM technology. This is the equipment used for making orthotic insoles. This revolutionary equipment is as exciting for all users as it is effective.

CAD CAM is the process of designing and manufacturing using IT and the latest milling machines. The procedure of the insole construction is no different to the conventional method. However, the tool is much more different.

Historically an insole could only be made by hand. However this state of the art equipment now means the insoles are manufactured using CAD CAM technology. This equipment will be more efficient and more accurate than was possible by traditional skills and methods. The CAD CAM software will use the information inputted into the computer to provide an accurate inlay. The software also enables repeatability of insoles. Every inlay manufactured on the CAD CAM system is stored, so repeat orders are easily processed.

This process will be eliminate the noise and dust that was previously created from the manufacturing process and will benefit our customers and patients by providing a faster and accurate insole.

To learn more about the equipment please visit the manufacturer’s website:

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