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TayCare are proud to be members of the following 4 organisations. Our membership with these organisations ensures that as a company TayCare work to meet the high standards that are set out by them. It also gives our customers and patients peace of mind with the knowledge that both the Orthotist and the Orthoses that are provided by TayCare are of the highest quality.



TayCare Medical Ltd is a member of the Health Professionals Council.

The HPC is a statutory regulator that works to protect the health and wellbeing of people using the services of the health professionals registered with them. They only register professionals who meet their standards for their professional skills, behaviour and health. The organisation is an independent, UK wide health regulator. They set standards of professional training, performance and conduct for 13 professions and keep a register of health professionals who meet their standards, and take action if any registered health professionals fall below those standards. The organisation was created by a piece of legislation called the Health Professions Order 2001.

What does this mean for our patients and customers?

It means that people can feel safe in the knowledge that TayCare have proved that they meet HPC standards and are therefore allowed to be registered with us and to use a legally protected title such as 'Orthotist'.

Whenever and wherever you see a health professional, you need reassurance about the person treating you. You need to know that they meet professional standards. You also need to know that someone will take action if things go wrong. That's why the HPC was created.

To find out more about HPC, please visit their website

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