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TayCare are proud to be members of the following 4 organisations. Our membership with these organisations ensures that as a company TayCare work to meet the high standards that are set out by them. It also gives our customers and patients peace of mind with the knowledge that both the Orthotist and the Orthoses that are provided by TayCare are of the highest quality.



TayCare is a member of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association). The BHTA was formed in 1917 and has over 350 companies which are members. Members comprising of both large and small businesses across the many nonpharmaceutical sectors of the healthcare industry, manufacturing, supplying and serving those with special physical needs and specialist healthcare areas, too.

Of particular note is the BHTA's Code of Practice which sets out the standards its members must meet and the work alongside this to identify best practice. The Association ensures that as a member, TayCare meets the high standards which it sets its members and to identify best practice and eliminate &quotcowboy" behavior and to ensure that all members are providing a service that the public and hospitals can trust.

The BHTA is closely involved with developing industry and product standards, maintaining and improving on product choice, quality and, above all, safety. The BHTA works tirelessly to protect its' members and your interests through constant and close liaison with the many government departments and agencies as well as charities and other bodies involved in delivering healthcare services.

For more information on BHTA please visit their website

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